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Application instance subscription page

In order to see your subscription details, login with your instance administrator account as only instance administrators have access to this section

Click on the company name link in the left top corner of the page and after being redirected click on the Subscriptiontab in the left menu. You will see a page similar to the one shown on the picture

Note that only the most important information is shown there, for more details you can visit your PayProGlobal customer account

Subscription changes

After registering your application instance with Yuboki, you get a small number of free users. If you need more users you need to purchase a paid subscription as shown below.

1) Navigate to your instance subscription page

2) Press Change subscriptionbutton and enter the required number of users. Note that this is the number of paid users, it doesn't include your free users.

3) Press Confirmand proceed to the payment page

4) After your order is processed, you will see the new number of allowed users and your payment information in your instance subscription page

If you are already using a paid subscription and want to change the number of users, please, cancel your current subscription from your PayProGlobal customer accountand create a new one as shown above.

If you belive your order was processed but you don't see any changes on your instance subscription page after a couple of hours, please contact our support

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