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Registration process

Creating your appication instance with Yuboki is very easy and requires only a few steps:

1) Navigate to our registration page

2) Fill the registration fields as shown in the picture. Pay special attention to the next fields:
Instance subdomainvalue will be used as part of the url-address to access your instance and can't be changedin the future;
Contact emailmust be a valid email address you have access to, it will be used to send you a confirmation code. You can change this email in the future;
Administrator user nameand passwordwill be used to access your instance so don't lose it and keep them in a secure place. Administrator user name (and any other user name) can't be changedin the future but you can create other administrator accounts if need.

3) You will be redirected to your instance login page and asked for user name and password specified at registration.

4) After successful login you will be asked for confirmation code that was sent to the email address specified at registration. Usually it takes only a few moments for the email message to arrive. If you don't see a confirmation code, follow the instructions given at the end of this article.

5) You instance is ready!


If you have some problems when registering your instance, please, check the following list of most common issues:

1) Email confirmation code was not received.
Sometimes you may see the confirmation message with several minutes delay. Just wait some time.
The confirmation message may end up in the spam folder. Look in spam and deleted messages.
If the confirmation message can't be found, please contact our support.
Note that if you try to start from scratch, the subdomain provided in your first attempt will be occupied, see below.

2) Invalid instance subdomain. As this value is used as part of your instance URL-address, it has some limitations: it has to be unique and it can't contain any special characters (e.g. dots, slashes). In case if provided subdomain is in use, you have to choose another value.

3) Verification code (captcha) issues. It can take some attempts to pass our captcha check. And our captcha values are valid only some minutes after being shown. Keep trying.

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