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Simplicity and functionality
Task management
To create a task and start working, it is enough to specify its name, priority and assignees.
Later, you can add a more detailed description, as well as classify the task in accordance with the specifics of the project.
The system supports the creation of an unlimited number of projects and tasks.
Planning, costs and deadlines
You can specify the deadlines of the task, the percentage of completion, financial costs and labor costs.
In the process of work it is possible to track the differences between the actual values and the planned ones with special deviation indicators, and identify risks based on this information.
Detailed task information
All task information is located in one place, it allows you to get all the necessary data quickly.
Classification of tasks
Tasks can be classified according to the specifics of the project, it simplifies the search and organization of tasks.
Data on classifiers can be displayed in the form of charts for better visual perception.
Multiple task assignees
A several team members can be assigned to the same task. For each assignee, you can specify the planned and actual time and cost.
Personal work plan
The list of personal tasks will allow you to keep track of all your tasks across all projects. A visual representation of the task progress and priorities will help to plan the upcoming work more effectively and meet the deadlines.
Project management
Our system supports viewing a full summary not only on tasks, but also on all projects or on an individual project. This allows you to identify higher level problems.
Project milestones
Dividing a project into milestones allows you to better organize tasks with due dates and focus your efforts on more priority ones.
You can revise a summary of the milestones or display on the milestones information on a chart for better visual perception.
User management
Users can be assigned various roles to work with the system or projects.
Statistics and reports
Reports and statistics are automatically generated from user-entered data. The system supports different types of charts in several versions and colors. You can customize the chart based on your personal preferences and goals.
You can analyze data on individual projects or on the whole company, on milestones, on any classifier, on the status of tasks, etc., as well as on various combinations of this data. The system also supports viewing statistics and reports on all assignees, it will allow you to evaluate the contribution of each team member in percentage or by the number of completed tasks.
Recycle bin
If you delete something by mistake, you can always restore this data: tasks, projects, milestones, classifiers or accounts.
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